Men Who Scrubs Top 5 Gift Ideas for Men

Get these for your best friend, your dad, your hubby, your boss, even your brother. Any man in your life that you are looking for a gift for is on this list!

Fun fact: Men who Scrub was not only started because Bridie was sick of Dan stealing her Sugar Scrubs. but because we wanted to offer an easy go to gift option because we know how HARD it is to buy for men.

We can’t pop down to the florist or the jewellers and call it a day. We have to think about it, find the options, order online, and wait.

So, this year we have put a list together of our top 5 picks to make your life a little easier.


Gift Idea 1: A business after our own hearts, a place to choose high quality men’s items to go in your stylish gift tube or grab a premade pack which will appeal to the masses from Gallant Gift Co we absolutely love the Mark pack - This pack includes only the best grooming essentials!. - 

Gift Idea 2: A customizable best friend forever Dad frame by the talented Abby at Taylor’d Scrabble Frames -  Abby has so many amazing personalised gifts available and not just for the lucky men in our lives!

Gift Idea 3: Because we know that every man does in fact love a good smelling candle but just wants it to be for him – A MANdle from Lomani & Co – our top pick would be the Bourbon and Leather 

Gift Idea 4: These Stunning Blue Copper Coasters made by the talented Cam and Beth from Empire Copper they are also perfect for anniversaries and have a option for personalisation! 

Gift Idea 5: We are biased, and we know it, but there is no way we could leave out our Bundle that has it all - Men who Scrub will make him feel like a brand-new man. Perfect for those who work hard, play hard and want to smell good even when they don't! Isn't it about time he smelt good enough to eat?

And the BEST part about buying from any of these 5 businesses? Is that you are supporting a small AMAZING Australian Business and as a small Aussie business ourselves we know that this absolutely means the world.

We would love for you to leave any of your own suggestions in the comments below, it’s always awesome to find more gift ideas for men! And of course, let us know if you make a purchase so we can do a happy dance with you for a job well done.


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  • Mel

    Wow what a well written blog. One place to go next time I’m looking for a gift for the men in my life. We love love your scrubs and your magnesium spray is a life saver.
    Love the look of the new website it’s so fresh and easy to navigate. Thanks for the mention of our MANdles. We love that you love them as much as us.
    Congrats on everything you guys are amazing.

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